Friday, January 25, 2013

Owl’s it going? card | tutorial

It’s tutorial time folks! I had a lot of fun making this card, I combined some of the new Sizzix Thinlits with Karen Burniston’s Circle & Ribbon Platform die. It’s rather cute if I do say so myself! I also used some The Stamps of Life stamps, I just love the owls… they’re a hoot! (see what I did there! ha!)


Making the card


Start with a square card base that is 5” x 5”. Adhere a light blue piece of patterned paper to the front that is 4-3/4” x 4-3/4”. Now you’ll cut all the pieces and then assemble the front. Start by using the banner Thinlits from the Arrows, Banners, Chevrons, and Clouds Thinlits set and cut one out of patterned paper and one out of kraft.

Note: to use the Thinlits, you’ll need a Multipurpose Platform (that came with your Sizzix machine) or Solo Platform and Solo Thin Die Adapter.


Trim away the banners from the kraft piece and save them for another project. Glue the remaining rod or string (what do you call that portion anyway?) to the top of the patterned paper banners.


Use the On the Fence On the Edge die with brown patterned paper to create a fence for the bottom portion of your card.


Use one of the “thought bubbles” from the Retro Camera & Icons Thinlits die set to create a place to stamp your sentiment using a light patterned paper. Using the Arrows, Banners, Chevrons, and Clouds Thinlits die set, cut two small clouds and one large out of white.


Assemble the front as shown. Add your fence, clouds, and the layer the banners on top. Stamp, color, and cut out a cute owl and add to the top of your fence. Stamp your sentiment onto the “thought bubble” and glue down. Finish off the front by outlining it in black.


Using coordinating patterned paper, cut the pieces you’ll need for the Circle & Ribbon Platform die. You’ll cut one base assembly (the scallop), one circle, and two ribbons. Add two pieces of strong adhesive to the tabs of the base assembly.


The assembly of the Circle & Ribbon Platform die is super easy. I’ll do my best to explain without using a million words. I’m a very visual person so if you’re more like me, please feel free to check out the directions on the Sizzix site, there are more pictures in the official directions.

Fold the base assembly in half at the center crease so the tabs are sticking up. Fold the scallop sections up on the side crease lines. Fold your circle in half on the crease line and add to the tabs.


Keep the base and platform folded flat to adhere to the inside of your card. Align and adhere with a strong adhesive to the inside of the card along the center fold. When adhered, the base and platform will have the look shown above.


Add the ribbons to the platform. These ribbons help pull the platform slightly flatter when the card is fully open.

To add the ribbons, adhere one end to the back of the raised center and then add Glue Dots to the backside of the other end. Close card and the Glue Dots will automatically adhere to where they need to inside your card. Repeat on the other side.

I promise, creating and adding the Circle & Ribbon Platform to a project really is easy. If I confused you at all, just ignore me and stick to the directions. :-)


For the inside, create another banner using the Arrows, Banners, Chevrons, and Clouds Thinlits set like you did for the front and cut two small clouds and one large cloud using the same set. Cut two strips of brown patterned paper that are 5” x 3/4” each and glue to the bottom of your card on the left and right side. Stamp, color, and cut a large owl. Assemble die cut pieces and owl to the inside of your card as shown and glue down. Stamp you sentiment and cut words apart and then outline each with black, glue to the platform in the center of your card. Finish your card by out outlining in black and your card is officially complete.


Other: chalks; Stamps: postage2stamp and owls2love (The Stamps of Life)

I really enjoyed making this card. It was my first real time using the Thinlits and they’re pretty spectacular. I love the look of the Circle & Ribbon Platform too, I think the ribbons add a nice flair. Hope you liked it too!

Owl be back soon with more projects! (gotta love a good pun!)



Linda Jordan said...

This is very cute!! I love the little banner :)

Karen B said...

Love! Adore! I think you explained the circle platform perfectly!

Tiff said...

THis is cute! Thanks for explaining the ribbons!

Beejay said...

OMG! Love the card! Love the Circle and Ribbon platform and the thinlets. Can't wait to get my hands on those!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Eileen Hull said...

Adorable! So fresh and cute!

Kelly Booth said...

Sooooooo CUTE G!!! I Love this Sweet Card......