Tuesday, December 18, 2012

happy valentine’s day! card | tutorial

You read that correctly… Valentines Day! I’ve made quite a few Christmas cards already and I’m in the middle of my December Daily 2012 album so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and have my tutorial focus on ubber-cuteness instead of Christmas fun. Todays tutorial features an adorable Sizzix Puppy Dog Die by Dena Designs and the Sizzix Label Pop `n Cut Insert by Karen Burniston.


Making the card


Let’s jump right in with the cuteness shall we? Use the Puppy Dog die to cut the puppy out of patterned paper, two eyes (white for the larger circles, black for the smaller), a nose out of black, and a heart out of pink. I ended up using googley eyes in place of the small black eye circles in the end. I thought it added a fun touch.


For your card front, cut a piece of cardstock to 4-1/4” x 11” (or larger, as long as it fits the Bigz XL die) and lay it on top of your Pop `n Cut Base Die fitting it over the cutting area and run it through your machine. Fold in half. Using the Base Die makes it so your corners are automatically rounded. 

Cut a piece of patterned paper to approximately 4” x 5”. Round two corners and glue onto card front. Add the puppy body to the front of your card, make sure to put your ribbon underneath the puppy’s neck before gluing the him down.


Glue down eyes and nose then tie the ribbon to make the puppy’s collar. Stamp your “happy valentine’s day!” sentiment and then glue down heart. I suggest gluing the heart down after stamping so you guarantee you have enough space to stamp.


Your card front is done. How cute is this puppy?


Time to make the inside of the card! Add your PNC Label Insert into your PNC Base die, make sure the tick marks line up. Cover the cutting area with a piece of cardstock that is 4-1/4” x 11” and run through your Big Shot or Vagabond machine. Fold PNC according to package directions. I previously made a video showing how to cut and fold the Pop `n Cut inserts, feel free to check it out for reference.


Use the Mini Scallop & Pinking On The Edge die to give your Pop `n Cut a border. Keeping your PNC piece folded, lay the ends about a 1/2” over the scallop portion of your die and run through your Big shot.


Cut a label piece out of patterned paper. You only need to cover the label portion of the PNC insert, not the entire die. After you run it through your machine, snip the label away from the excess paper by cutting on the fold lines.


Adhere the label piece you just cut on top of the Labe PNC.


Add your PNC to your card base. I like to adhere down one side first and then the other. Make sure to add adhesive just to the PNC portion that will touch the card base, not the the PNC section that pops up.


Use your Stacked Words: Valentines Sizzlit Strip to cut out “hugs & kisses” from coordinating cardstock.


Glue down “hugs & kisses” saying to your label. The “h” and “u” will be taller than the label so make sure not to add adhesive to the top parts of those letters.


Decorate the top portion of your card. Add a strip of pattered paper that is 4-1/4” x 1/2”. Overlap it with a strip of cardstock that is 4-1/4” x 1/4” as shown in the example. Cut two hearts from the Puppy Dog die and them to the left hand side.

Repeat these strips on the bottom of your card with the strips of paper laying the opposite way. Add one heart cut from the Puppy Dog die towards the right hand side.


Your ubber-cute puppy card is officially done!

After so much red and green, breaking out the pink was a welcome change! :-)


Other: ribbon, darker shade of pink cardstock.

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How’s that for a change of pace? Valentines in December… it’s how I roll!



Karen B said...

Those googly eyes make me happy! Everything about this card makes me happy! XOXO!

Linda Jordan said...

This card is adorable!! It's never too early to get started on the next holiday ;)

Maya Oren-Dahan said...

Oh boy! That is adorable!

Kelly Booth said...

This is so Cute Gretchen...Love that Puppy!!!