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December Daily 2012 | Foundation Pages

I am way to excited about this years December Daily. True story. I actually bought all the papers and album in mid October. This year I’m doing something a little different than what I did in 2010 and 2011, I’m using a Snap Binder and page protectors by Simple Stories instead of making my own album. I’m also using a new size, previously I’ve done 6” x 6” but this years album 6” x 8”.

Why the change? I always have a plan but then I end up taking more pictures that I want to use or telling more of the story through journaling and with my pre-made foundation pages, it wasn’t always easy to add additional photos and journaling. I found that to be frustrating and on occasion, limiting.

My solution? The Simple Stories page protectors with tons of available pockets so I can add photos, journaling, decorative elements, whatever… and switch them out easily if needed. There are several sizes of pockets in the page protectors, 3” x 4”, 4” x 6”, and 4” x 4”, as well as some long strips.

Foundation Pages | The Break Down


I’m using a Simple Stories paper line called Handmade Holiday and a red Snap Studio binder by Simple Stories. I also picked up coordinating stickers to help decorate my papers.


I have a plan. Keeping track of 25 days and all those pockets for everything that I want to be able to do could have been daunting but I sketched it out and it made it less overwhelming. I decided how I wanted the page protectors laid out, what I wanted each day to include, an some ideas for extra things I might add throughout the month.


I’m not gonna lie, with these awesome papers I really felt like I was cheating a bit. The papers are made to be cut apart and they fit perfectly into the page protectors. I cut as many 3” x 4” decorative pieces and journaling spots as I could and I’ll slip those into the pockets of the protectors.

Here’s the great thing about these. If I want to take these decorative pieces out so I can include more photos or journaling (or even small memorabilia items) I easily can. Nothing is glued down so I can just slide `em out and put something new in it’s place.


There are a lot (I mean, A TON, as in at least 55!) of 3” x 4” rectangles slots in the page protectors so I had to make some of my own to have all the pockets covered. It was fun to be able to add my own creative flair. The Handmade Holiday collection also had two matching sticker sheets so I used those stickers and cardstock to make some more decorative pieces and journaling spots. I also did some embossing on some regular cardstock to add an extra fun touch throughout my album.

I have no idea how much or how little I will use of each of these 3” x 4” cards. It really depends on the day, how many photos I end up using, and how descriptive I want to be about that particular day. I may have a plan but I’m wingin’ it a bit still! As for larger memorabilia, I’ve got some full page 6” x 8” page protectors that I can use if I need to. I’ll just add those in between the proper day.


There were several 4” x 6” decorative pieces and journaling spots I cut out of the patterned paper as well to include in my album. These are ready to slip in and use. I think I’ll make some extra journaling spots to have on hand in the 4” x 6” size just in case… gotta utilize that product and use up those stickers!


25 days baby! I created my daily numbers using my Sizzix eclips machine and eCal software and then placed patterned paper behind each one. I added some dotted Fancy Pants papers in blue and red to help my numbers stand out a bit more. Each number measures 3” x 4”, so again, all I’ll have to do is just slide them in to the page protector pocket and I’m good to go.


Time to assemble! I arranged my page protectors how I wanted in the album and then went through and marked my days to keep everything organized. I wanted to make sure I used certain decorative elements and journaling spots on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I definitely had to have those days marked. I went ahead and added some of the pieces in various places throughout the album.


I then went through and added a number for each day. A “day” will consist of both the left and right sides of the open page protectors.

I’ll go through and add my 3” x 4” decorative pieces and journaling spots as well as my 4” x 6” ones. The plan is for each day to contain a number, journaling spot, a 4” x 6” photo, and a decorated piece of paper. If there are more photos, decoration, or journaling that is fine but I plan on having each day contain those four main elements.


The title page. The dreaded title page. And the cover. I have no idea why but I can’t seem to do either one of these until I am at least half way or close to the end of the album. This year is obviously no different. I did mark a spot for the title page so that’s a step in the right direction.

What about the extra cards I don’t use? I’ll just save them for next year to add to gifts and gift bags. Add a hole, ribbon, and a “to” and “from” and they’ll be ready to use. I’ll also be able to whip out some quick holiday cards with the left over pieces if I need to.

My foundation pages might not be complete in the regular sense like in previous years but they have the base structure they need to create my completed album. With all the cards done (i.e. the prep work), I’ll be able to add and adapt throughout December creating an album that is very unique to me (and more importantly, my family!).

And that my crafty friends is my December Daily plan for 2012. :-)

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blog entries | flickr gallery

What about you… are you doing a December Daily this year? Do you have a plan? This is one of my most favorite projects to do so hook a girl up!


Julie Hollis said...

This is pretty awesome! Can't wait to see yours come together over December.

BethK said...

You laid this out so nicely! It looks like a December Daily that is actually do-able for our family's schedule! I hope you don't mind, I think I'll be ordering those same album sheets & design. Love how they fit so nicely & can easily incorporate items I have at home too! Thank you for giving me some scrappy Dec hope! :)

Maya Oren-Dahan said...

Looking great!

Scrappydo said...

You don't know how perfect it was to see this! I'm using the SImple Stories protectors this year, and was a little stumped on how to prep.... with the pages all being different. It is great to see how you have done it and now things are gelling inside my head!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

Linda Jordan said...

Those papers are absolutely adorable! Your album is coming out great, I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the end!


Anonymous said...

Love the embossed cardstock. Your album is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Cherri said...

Great start. Cannot wait to follow your progress as the month begins. Thanks for sharing.