Thursday, October 18, 2012

PJ Party and True Scrap 4!


There’s a PJ party tonight (woo!) and True Scrap 4 starts tomorrow. If you’re already signed up you should have received the call guide by now (the order of classes and how to get into the classroom) as well as your supply lists.

If you haven’t signed up – it’s not to late! And if you can’t make every single class, no worries. You’ll have access to the replays.

I know I’ve been talking about it a lot. It’s something I am teaching for, participating in, and and truly believe in. Being a part of TS4 as a teacher, and especially as a student, is one of the best scrapbooking things I've ever been involved in and truly get a ton out of it.

What You’ll Get with True Scrap 4

  • Pre-Event PJ Party

  • Full admission to all 15 classes, live (class descriptions and sneak peeks are up on the TS4 site!)

  • Five virtual make-n-take short project videos (sneak peeks are up on the TS4 site!)

  • Eternal access to class recordings

  • Prize giveaways!

  • Digital goodie bag for each participant.

>> Sign Up and Join The Fun! <<


Mary Kay said...

Ooh, I so want to attend! Do you happen to know where I could get a look at the schedule?

Dani said...

Hi Mary Kay! The classes run from 10 - 6 on the 19th and 9:30 - 6 on the 20th and it's pretty much non-stop all day the breaks are brief so you can come and go as you please and just join the fun and take in all the inspiration it is fabulous!!