Monday, September 24, 2012

ookey-spookey trick or treat card | tutorial

I know it’s not until next month but I’ve already got Halloween on the brain! I received new dies from Sizzix last week and could not wait to play with them. I absolutely adore the Halloween Shadows Sizzlits Strip (that’s the die with the cute little trick or treater’s on it!). I even tried something new (for me!) with the Pop `n Cuts!


For this particular card, I used two different shades of black; one for the card base and PNC piece and another shade for the die cut pieces. This way the illusion of a shadow is given and you can differentiate between the two.

Time to create the ookey-spookey card!


Starting with the front of your card, cut out your die cuts. You’ll need one Rickety House, the trick-or-treater’s from the Halloween Shadow Sizzlits strip as well as the “trick or treat” saying, and one bat from the Mini Bat and Skull Movers & Shapers Set. With the trick-or-treater’s, cut away the pumpkin and cat that are on the right and left sides of the kids.


Next, fill in the holes of the windows on the Rickety House. If you wanted, you could cut the house out again using yellow cardstock and glue each piece down. To make it a bit easier, I cut a piece of yellow cardstock to fit behind the house and then glued it down so when it was turned over, all the windows were all yellow but with less work.


Create your card base out of black cardstock. You’ll need a 5-1/2” x 11” piece of cardstock that has been scored in the middle and then folded in half making your finished card 5-1/2” x 5-1/2”.  Cut a piece of patterned paper that is 5-1/2” x 5-1/2” to cover the front of your card and glue it down. Cut a piece of black cardstock that is 5-1/4” x 5-1/4” and adhere down to the center of your patterned paper.

Glue your Rickety House down to your card front as shown. Tear a piece of brown cardstock approximately 1” wide and glue down to the bottom of your card and trim edges (add adhesive to the bottom and sides of your brown cardstock strip only). Tuck trick-or-treater’s underneath the top of the brown cardstock strip and then glue them down once you have the placement you want. Add the “trick or treat” saying and bat to card front.


With todays card, I wanted to use the PNC insert in a different way. Instead of it opening from the top and being a vertical card, I wanted it to open from the side and be a horizontal card.

Center a piece of black cardstock that is 6-1/2” long and approximately 5” wide over the Circle Label insert that you’ve added to your Pop `n Cuts base tray (be sure to line up the tick marks!). Sandwich your pieces and run through your Big Shot machine to cut out. Fold according to package directions.

Glue down cut PNC insert piece on the right hand side of the card in the center, lining up the main folds. Make sure the “shelf” fold of the PNC is also facing the right as shown in the example.


Tear a second strip of brown cardstock that is approximately 1” wide and glue down to the bottom right side of the card as shown, trim if necessary.


Cut your die cut pieces for the inside of your card. You’ll need 3 bats from the Mini Bats and Skull Movers & Shapers set, one cat from the Mini Cat and Raven Movers & Shapers Set, one Tree Branch, and one fence using the On The Fence On The Edge Die (trim the bottom of the fence so it’s about 1/4” wide).


Insert your tree on top of your PNC label piece and fold PNC down. This is to get the placement of the tree so the top and bottom of the tree do not go over the edges of the card. Once you find your placement, glue the tree down.


Now it’s time to add the fence! Make a fold about 1-1/2” in from the left hand side of the fence. Try to line up the fold of your fence with the fold that is on the left hand side of the PNC.

Lay your fence piece down over the lower half of your tree (the goal is to have the fence be even with the bottom of the card but not go outside the card when closed). Gently start to close card making sure to keep the fence inside the card (it might be necessary to trim your fence edge to keep it inside or to make a new fold in your fence post). Once you decide on placement, adhere your fence to the tree and to the left side of the card using glue dots on the farthest left post to keep it in place.


Finish your card by adding patterned paper and cardstock strips on the right and left hand sides of the card as shown. Add the cat on top of the fence on the right hand side and the three bats to the card itself. Your ookey-spooky trick-or-treat card is now complete!

Other: Papaya Puree Dark cardstock (Bazzill), Charcoal Weave cardstock (American Crafts), yellow and brown cardstock (unknown).

Are those little trick-or-treater’s adorable or what?!




Karen B said...

Spooktacular! I love everything about this! I also covet those new dies you have. And I know where you live . . . mwaah haaa haaa . . .

Anna-Karin said...

This is so cool Gretchen! Love both the outside and the inside. The two shades of black cardstock adds a really nice touch.

Louise said...

Great card Gretchen! Love those new dies..

Vic said...

Great card!

Marci said...

Cute card!