Friday, September 21, 2012

it’s Friday, yo.

Remember when you were young and it was Friday and that meant you had all weekend to do whatever the heck you wanted. Or nothing. Sometimes doing nothing was awesome too. I loved Fridays. As an adult though, it doesn’t have the same relaxing connotation as it had in my youth.

Today was a Friday I looked forward too however. On Wednesday Karen and I planned a get together and I’d been looking forward to it. Today ended up being one of those Fridays of my youth thanks to Karen. It was a “do whatever the heck you wanted” kind of day and that was pretty darn cool (and needed!). We went to Archiver’s and lunch at Cheddar’s and there was lots of talking involved. The perfect day.

I don’t know what Saturday and Sunday hold for me but I can only hope those days will be as great as today. Maybe I’ll be able to do some creating with my new dies… I hope!


New dies? I guess that means you should be looking for a new tutorial soon. ;-)

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Have a great weekend!

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