Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(not so) wordless Wednesday | new car and back to school

whew! Okay, now that I have a minute to breath… a new blog post!

Saturday was a pretty exciting day!


My husband and 17 year old son where out car shopping. My son had a goal: work, save money, buy a car. He finally saved enough money and on Saturday, he got his very first car (a 2006 Nissan Altima). We’re so proud of him! I don’t ever remember having that much money in my bank account when I was 17… impressive!

My first car did not look this nice. It was a piece of poo, rust colored, Toyota Tercel. I have to say, my 17 year old self is slightly jealous. ha.

Monday was the first day of school!


Summer is officially over! My oldest son is a senior this year and my younger son is a 5th grader. My daughter is now in her second week of college… she actually took a picture on her first day of school last week. I was so happy to see it! I meant to ask her to take one but things were hectic and I never did. She ended up doing it on her own! Maybe my habitual picture taking has rubbed off on her (one could only hope!)

True Scrap 4 class descriptions and sneak peeks are coming soon!


If you’re already signed up for the notification list, you might even get a little something today. If you’re not, then head on over and get your name on that list so you don’t miss a thing. ;-)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


lizzie said...

WOW! That is very impressive! And such a great car too! I hear awesome things about the altima's!
That must be one of the best feelings ever, to know that you are raising your kiddos up right and that they are turning into productive members of society!

Laurel said...

How impressive! Love the pics, the car and the fact that you first car was a Toyota Tercel! LOL! Mine was my mom's old 1989 Toyota Camry! LOL