Saturday, June 16, 2012

two layouts to share and Pop `n Cuts info

(don’t I have the most interesting subject lines ever?!!! ha!)

I had a busy week making stuff and have got several more things coming up. Lots to do for CHA-S… it’s so going to be worth it!

This week I was working on my free scrapinar, Kit N’ Kaboodle: Gorgeous Kits From Your Stash. If you haven’t signed up yet, I’d love for you to join me. Just click the link to register. If you can’t be there on the 27th, there will be a replay for those who have registered for a limited time, no worries!

On to the layouts…

Sprinkler Fun


I am so happy with how this layout turned out!

I’ve had these picture for a while and they go in to the favorites category for me so I wanted to do something special with them. That normally means I’m waiting for stars to align (or something like that!), which doesn't happen. That means the photos sit and don’t get scraped. I can’t even remember what the prompt was for LOAD but these photos fit perfectly for it, I grabbed them, and got it done. It showcases them perfectly! Who needs starts to alight… I think it’s perfect! 

The Island


This layout is pretty self explanatory. I’m wishing I would have lowered the photos on the right down a bit and centered the title over the ones on the left but sometimes done is done. I’m not one for redoing layouts so this will do. ;-)

Other: buttons, patterned paper (from my stash), blue cardstock, date stamp (office supply store).
Other Stuff
I’ve got a busy day ahead. Karen and I are doing demo’s at CKC – Houston in the It’s Cheaper Than Therapy booth. We’ll be showing everyone how awesome her new Sizzix Pop `n Cuts system is. If you’re local, stop on by and say hi!
Want to see some seriously amazing examples of what this cool system can do? Head on over to Karen’s blog and check it out! She’s got examples, videos, and more awesome info than you can hake a stick at!!! I’ve got some examples on my blog too, click this link to check them out.

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