Tuesday, May 08, 2012

senior class of 2012 | layout


A quick share for today… a layout about my daughter. The other day when I had all of her announcements stuff out, I was motivated and decided to use her as my focus for my LOAD layout.

Funny story about those Thickers: I bought them because Karen bought them (I’m such a follower, ha!). She loved them and I kind of liked them. In an effort to step outside of my box and try something new I decided to purchase them. They’re freakin’ awesome and now I can’t seem to get enough of them! Karen, once again I have to say it – you’re a genius!


Other: Marquise Thickers (American Crafts)

Lawnscaping Challenge

I love prompt for the newest challenge – Clean and Simple. I might have to participate in this one. Check out the Lawnscaping blog for all the details on how to participate and all that good stuff.

One more thing

I’m in curtain hell. Who knew buying something to hang to help keep the heat out would be such a pain. They arrived on Saturday as planned but the color was not what we thought it would be. In the store it looked one way and in our house, well, let’s just say I will not be hanging poop brown and rust curtains up. They’re going back and our search for upstairs curtains continues. I feel the pressure… I do live in the land of hot and yesterday it was 91 degrees! Anyway, my saga continues…

Alright, that’s it for today!

Happy Tuesday!

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