Thursday, May 17, 2012

more layouts and a contest from Mixbook

I’m still going strong with LOAD I am happy to say. I’ve got a few more layouts to share with you today… and more over the next few days… or the month… eventually, lol! I really feel I’m learning a lot about myself creatively, how I like to do things, what I like, and don’t like. Really owning my style. Signing up for LOAD was a great decision! There wont be another one until February but you can bet I’ll be signing up for it.

Avoid the Crash


The Couch


yes, please

(this one might be my favorite! ha!)


I’m going to do one mass supply list like I did last time. I really don’t use a ton of product per layout and my go to backgrounds are usually kraft or white so doing one, all inclusive, supply list really works out.

Other: It’s My Type – medium (MaVinci stamps), Washi-type tape (Target), notebook looking paper (Scenic Route), yellow and teal blue cardstock, buttons, journaling spot, patterned paper from my stash.
Dad’s Got Talent Contest from

I just wanted to add a quick note to let you know that Mixbook is having a Father’s Day Contest on their site.

If you’re the crafty type then you’re clearly talented, so I’m assuming you know a dad that’s got talent too! Enter a photo of dad doing his thing for a chance to win $1,500 in the Mixbook Dad's Got Talent contest! The contest ends June 17th, please visit Mixbook for all the details and to enter.

Other Stuff

My very busy week continues. Lots of activities and my youngest is sick. Somehow making it all work... trying to at least. I did treat myself to a new book for my Kindle, I downloaded Fifty Shades of Grey. Apparently it’s saucy… cough. ;-) We shall see. I need to carve out some time to actually start reading it. Sometimes I wish I was the night owl type but if I tried to stay up late reading, I’d probably wake up at 3am with the screen stuck to my face.

Happy Thursday!

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Karen B said...

Wow! You're so productive that I waffle between being very impressed and extremely jealous!!! Love your layouts and the way you're documenting everyday stuff, every day!