Friday, April 20, 2012

today is the day!

True Scrap 3 baby!

Last night I participated in the pre-event PJ Party for True ScrapI gotta say, it’s pretty cool how this is all set up. Lain is a genius! Today and tomorrow are going to be jam packed full of scrappy goodness! If you’re a participant, the digital goodie bag and handouts are now available. Enjoy!

Starting on Monday

Spring Training starts Monday! Save 10% on bite-sized exercises for scrapbookers with code LEOTARD

Ella Publishing’s Spring Training event starts LIVE on Monday! If you want to participate, take advantage of the 10% off offer… use code LEOTARD! The code of valid through May.

In Other News

This weekend is the MS150 for my husband so he leaves bright and early tomorrow. Every year it’s the same thing… a rush out the door, the smell of sunscreen, and then me worrying for two days that the ride is going well. That first phone call I get is always a relief.

Here’s to a superb, very productive weekend!

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