Saturday, April 21, 2012

hello True Scrap friends and some Pop-Up info

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day! I presented my Jumpstart Your Art class for True Scrap 3 and I think it went pretty darn well! If you’re here visiting my blog for the first time because you’re a True Scrap student, feel free to say hello.

Spoiler alert – my class contained a pop-up (as well as lots of other ideas!). If you’ve visited my blog before, I am sure this is no surprise. I had a lot of questions in the Q&A portion of my class about them so I wanted to share a few more resources on the pop-ups and where you can find them (there’s information in your handout but I wanted to include some here also).

Pop-Up Info

The videos on Karen’s YouTube channel are very helpful and show just how easy they are to assemble. I highly recommend checking it out.

If this is your first time here and you’re looking for ways to stay up to date (yay!), check out the following links -

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Today’s Agenda

More True Scrap! I’m rather excited for day 2. It’ll just be me and my youngest since the bigs are working and the man is riding in the MS150. I’m hoping to make something and play with my eclips. For some reason I find it hard to actually get anything done on the weekends but maybe today will be different since there are less people home. Can’t forget the two cute Puggles small fry and I get to visit today too!!!

Happy Saturday, thanks so much for stopping by!

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