Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 days until True Scrap 3!

I can’t believe True Scrap is next Friday. 8 days baby!!! 8 DAYS!!! I cannot wait! I’m reviewing my handout today. Since I happen to be one of those insanely organized and detailed oriented people(don’t smack me!) it’s a very thorough handout. Let’s just say I’m not saving a tree. ;-)

I’ve cleared my schedule for next Friday and Saturday because not only am I excited about teaching I am ecstatic about being able to take classes from some pretty amazing teachers. There are so many awesome classes being offered I don’t even know if I could pick which one I am looking forward to the most. Check `em out…


  • Glitter and Geeketry – a minbook for your digital world with Monica Bradford
  • Artsy Photo Techniques with Anna Aspnes
  • Pack Your Bags Cricut Mini-Album with Cara Miller
  • Mixed Media Home Accents with Erin Bassett
  • Jumpstart Your Art: What to Do When You’re Just Not Feeling It with Gretchen Schmidt (that’s me!)
  • Beyond the Box: Creative Ways To Add Journaling to Your Pages with Jennifer Gallacher
  • When The Lights Are Low: Low Light Photography with Katrina Kennedy
  • Just Get It on the Page: Finally Scrapbooking Those Photos You Have Had Sitting Around Forever! with Kelli Crowe
  • Finish What You Start: Project Planning and Completion, Step by Step with Melissa Shanhun
  • Scrapping Green: Sustainable Crafting with Susan Weckesser
  • Flower Frenzy with Nic Howard
  • More Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts with Nichol Magouirk
  • Designing with Symbols and Imagery with Noell Hyman
  • The Perfect Collection with Shimelle Lain
  • Blending Secrets: Seamless Digital Blending with Tiffany Tillman

15 classes! Wow! That’s a lot of scrapbook inspiration and education right there. For the full class descriptions and sneak peeks of each class, please visit the True Scrap 3.

I actually thought my husband was going to be home that weekend as back up but the MS150 falls on the same weekend and he rides every year (this will be his 13th!), so I’ll be solo chucking crackers at the kids! totally kidding! I’ve got two teens and a 10 year old so everyone is pretty self sufficient. There will be no cracker throwing… I swear!

Back to True Scrap 3, if you want to sign up and join in an amazing weekend, there’s still time! If you aren’t going to be around next weekend but still want to take all the classes no problem! You’ll have access to all the replays.

What exactly do you get?

  • Full admission to all 15 classes, live
  • Five virtual make-n-take project videos
  • Audio interview with the amazing Becky Higgins
  • One low price for all classes and replays!
  • Tons of fun and inspiration – and extra goodies!
  • Paper crafting inspiration right from your desktop!
  • More fun than you can shake a stick at!!!

If you’d like to sign up, just click on the link below. Each instructor has their own special link so we get credit for sign ups.

>>> Sign Up For True Scrap 3 <<<

Spring Training 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Renee J. She won the spot in my drawing for Spring Training 2012 from Ella Publishing. Congratulations Renee J!

Hope to see you next weekend!

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