Tuesday, January 10, 2012

furniture shopping. check!

My husband and I kept our Christmas gifts to one another at a minimum this past holiday because we decided instead of going crazy in the gift department, that we’d get new furniture instead. This past weekend we went out shopping and it made for a very weekend. Not really what my husband wanted to do on Friday since it was his birthday. He had taken the day off though so he figured what the heck because it needed to get done. Then the debating, the measuring, and the changing of minds started… good times. So we drive, here, there, over there, every where, and then back there again. Thank goodness after such a long weekend and so many miles that we made a few decisions.

Thanks to Rooms To Go we’ve got a new sectional and rug coming. Thanks to Gallery Furniture we have a new (ubber cool!) coffee table. I can’t wait to do some before and after photos. We’ve had our current sectional for 14 years so it’s definitely time for a new one. The sectional will be here on the 16th but the rug wont be here until February 2nd. I actually thought we’d be leaving with the rug but they were out of stock… oh well. The coffee tables already here, we’re just waiting for the rest of the new stuff to arrive before moving it into the main room.

You know what happens next?


This chic has to pick a color! I didn’t want to paint the living room* until the new furniture was picked. That’s officially been checked off our list so it’s time to move on to the next step.

*We call it the living room. Some might say family room. It’s main where we all hang out, watch TV, lounge, and what not.

You know what I like best about paint samples? Seeing them all lined up… it’s like instant inspiration! So pretty!

Decisions! Decisions!

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Wendy Hammer (Reed) said...

How exciting!!! Love getting new furniture and repainting... always fun stuff!