Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Daily 2011 | Day 14


I love how the pages for day 14 turned out! Probably because I had more time to be a little extra creative instead of just gluing and going. Nothing wrong with the ol’ glue and go… but it’s nice to take your time too and enjoy the process.

The photo I used actually breaks from my regular white border which is what I have been doing throughout my album. Since we got iPhones though, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Instagram app that I downloaded. The picture of Daisy uses one of the filters with Instagram and I love how it looked  and wanted to make sure to use it in my December Daily album. I’m a pretty patterned person so breaking from the regular white border is actually pretty big for me. I really like the look… might have to do it again.

If you missed my foundation pages, you can check that post out here: December Daily 2011 | Foundation Pages (there’s also a complete supply list).

Additional supplies:

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Other Stuff

Tomorrow the kids get out for break. The big kids only had half day today so I took them to Five Guys for lunch. They’re in High School and have a wonky final’s schedule so I’ve done a lot of dropping off and picking up this week. In the afternoon, I conquered the grocery store. Of course now I am wondering what I forgot already… lol! I got the majority of everything needed for Christmas and New Years so I should be good to go!

Have a great night!


lizzie said...

TOmorrow is a half day here too! I don't know if ima let Adin go to school... the hubs is taking tomorrow off and I think we might have a family day instead... I mean he's only seen Polar Express like 20 times already and that's what they are doing tomorrow hahahaa

Karen B said...

Everything mailed? I am both impressed, jealous, and impressed! (Yes, that's three things.) (No, I can't count) (No I haven't mailed anything) (Yes, you can help me . . .) heh.

Debby said...

I love the colors you are using and the "Season Greetings" really pops. Fun book you have.