Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I’m kind of in love with Pinterest


So, Pinterest is awesome. just sayin’.

Pinterest is an online, visual idea board where you pin things you like. You know how you put stuff on your fridge or in a notebook? It’s kind of like that. What kind of things? Whatever your little heart desires…

  • Scrapbook and stamping ideas
  • inspirational pictures
  • kids crafts
  • people
  • Holiday ideas
  • Style ideas for clothes
  • Ideas for your home
  • food
  • fun stuff
  • bugs (if you’re into that sort of thing… but eww!)
  • whatever!

I’m always looking for new recipes and I find it very helpful to pin recipes I want to try. I have it broken down into two boards that are food related – good eats and sweat treats. It’s so easy just to refer back to the boards without printing out a ton of recipes – and there’s a visual reminder too!

I’m warning you now, it’s addicting… but it’s oh so fun! I currently have 18 pin boards (because you can categorize your pins! cool huh?). One of my favorites may or may not be boys I like.

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You know what is really cool? When someone pins you. I ran across this early this morning and it made my day -


That happy mug layout is my layout! It was pinned from Scrapbook.comhow fun is that?! Another reason this was such a treat for me… I have a thing for Alan Rickman! And there’s ol’ Alan as Severus Snape just a few pins above mine. I find this highly amusing and it made me totally happy. true story.

Want to know if something has been pinned from your blog? Just copy and paste in the following text and replace my blog name with yours (or click and replace… it works with Typepad too!) -


If you want to search a site that isn’t a blog, just drop the www. Like this -


How do you know if you have been pinned from Scrapbook.com or Two Peas? I have no clue! But you dear reader, if you know, please share because that is the question of the day!

How exactly do you pin? Check out this page on Pinterest, they tell you all about it: Goodies on Pinterest.

So, are you on Pinterest? It’s very pinteresting don’t you think? ;-)

Happy Pinning!


Karen B said...

I'm not listening! I'm not listening! (fingers in ears) La-La-La-La! Do NOT hook me with another addiction, you evil temptress, you!

Maya said...

LOVE pinterest! I am slowly moving all my excel spreadsheets, notes and bookmarks to my boards. I just realized that I am up to 24 boards. Thanks for the tip how to look up if you were pinned. I found 3 layouts that were pinned from my blog :) The other one I can find by searching for my name but that's because the person mentioned my name in the comment. So to answer your question - I don't think it is possible.