Friday, November 04, 2011

an Angry Bird, a Jester, and The Blue Man Group

It’s time for a Halloween costume recap! Guess what my kids were? Not that the title is a tip off or anything huh? ;-)

The Green Angry Bird

Remember this post about making a Green Angry Bird Costume? Well, here’s my 9 year old in the completed costume:


I believe he said this was the “best Halloween EVER!” yeah! patting self on back! Here’s something flattering and odd all at the same time… people wanted to take pictures of his costume. I’m all about photos, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not down with strangers wanting to photograph my kid. My husband wasn’t into it either and steered him clear of a camera or two since he was on Trick-or-Treating-with-the-bird duty. It’s nice that they liked the costume and all but I just thought it was strange.

The Jester

So my oldest son, who is 16, wasn’t Trick-or-Treating this year but he and a few friends were going to the Renaissance Festival and wanted to dress up. He headed to Party City and came home with a Jester Costume.


Here’s the thing though, that costume had sculls hanging all over it. He said he didn’t want to be an angry Jester, he wanted to be a happy Jester. He asks, “mom, do you have any bells I could sew on the costume instead?” Tell me, how many moms out there can answer yes to that question?! Of course at 9pm is when he remembered he needed to get them on there. I lost him at “just thread the needle and…” That’s when I took over and just did it for him (because yes, I had bells!). He had a great time at the festival, I believe he said “it was the best day ever!”

The Blue Man Group

Which leaves me to my 17 year old daughter and her friends. They were The Blue Man Group. Or would it be Blue Girl Group? Throughout their High School career they’ve all been in orchestra together and every October they have an Orchestra Masquerade. All the kids get to dress up and the parents get to listen to an awesome concert. This year they did a piece from Phantom of the Opera – it was AMAZING! I believe she said it was “the best concert ever.” These three Senior girls wanted to go out with a bang with some really kickin’ costumes… I think they did it! Up close they looked freaky though. Cool… but freaky!


How’s this for a lame “what was I thinking!” moment… the photo below is the only one I got of her by herself. I completely forgot to get shots of just her. I snapped this one because I thought it was cute that she was all covered in blue and eating. After all, a Blue Man’s got to eat!


I’m thinking they had a pretty awesome month… one could say, “the best ever!”


Karen B said...

This is the best post ever, by the best mom (and friend) ever!

Maya said...

AWESOME costumes! You have creative kids! I wonder why ;-)

Barb said...

great costume indeed! i would agree with your thoughts on photographing your child. that would make me nervous too!