Sunday, October 30, 2011

so, I made a Green Angry Bird…

When my youngest told me he wanted to be an Angry Bird for Halloween, my first thought was, “Awesome! I’ll gladly spend $40 so I don’t have to make it.” They sell red and black birds. Not green ones. What did he want to be? A Green Angry Bird. You know what that means? It means a trip to JoAnn’s, lots of felt, and me pulling out the ol’ Elna sewing machine I got for my 14th birthday. (yes, that says 14… it was a while ago obviously.)

I got to work.


I taped two very large pieces of paper together and drew out a pattern using images I printed out as a visual... I was basically winging it! Daisy helped.


I drew the face as detailed as I could and then cut the pieces out to use as a pattern. I used some No Sew glue to keep everything in place.


Since I like to make things difficult I hand stich all the pieces onto the front. Talk about a mind numbing task! It was worth it though. I sewed the tail and head feathers together, stuffed them to capacity, sewed all the edges up leaving the appropriate openings and wa-la!

Go me! I made the Green Angry Bird! No idea what level it’s on but apparently it exists.

What’s it look like on? You’ll have to wait and see. :-)


Barb said...

i'm pretty sure this makes you the coolest, awesomest, best mom EVER! great idea to make your own. i hope you'll post pics when your lil one is ready to head out trick or treating. :)

Maya said...

OMG! It looks awesome! You are the best mom ever!

Laurel said...

you are the friggin coolest mom ever! WOW!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product on!!!!!

Christine said...

Awesome job, can't wait for pics. Hope your little one gets many treats!

Cheryl said...

WOW, you did a great job!