Monday, October 03, 2011

photo recap | September 2011


Funny thing, time. I remember it being January and in the blink of an eye it’s already October. I actually asked my husband about Christmas yesterday! This year is going way to fast.

September was a pretty good month. Our weather cooled slightly, which means it was about 5 degrees less but just as humid. Small fry had some kite flying fun (it’s not easy finding a kite in September by the way). My big kids went to Homecoming. I still can’t believe I have a Junior and Senior. Maybe that’s why I have such an issue with time flying by… the faster it goes the sooner I know there will be graduation, college, and another Senior. I am so not ready. At least I’ll have my youngest at home for a long time to come still. :-)

Here’s to having time stand still!

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Karen B said...

Kenna looks so pretty! What a great collage!