Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wordless Wednesday: I see you Severus



Karen B said...

Do you not find it slightly cruel to Severus to make him hang out in such a cheery bright corner of the room? I see fun greens, and polka-dots, and a stuffed animal! Poor Snape.

kellystar said...

have you ever seen any of the harry potter puppet pals shows on you tube...some are sort of borderline inappropriate, but still very funny (don't have your kids around just in case there is any foul language)...2 of my favorites are wizard angst and the mysterious ticking noise...they are typical pubescent boy humor, but they are worth a giggle.

Laurel said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA!!!!!! I see him there just hanging out! Loving your speaker dock and green ipod! And what is the green polka/dot thingee? Loving that. And the paint.... And the big G. And the green mouse. Oh whatever. Love it all.