Friday, September 23, 2011

stamp drawers: reorganized

After years of scrapbooking and cardmaking, I’ve acquired quite a few stamps and inks. My space for these products always seems to be changing, out with the old, in with the new… purge and make room. I’ve had numerous Lawn Fawn and Hero Arts stamps but since I’ve been creating with the The Stamps of Life stamps to make videos for Create Scrapbooks and for my own personal use, I have gained a lot more awesome stamps. I really needed to update my system to make The Stamps of Life stamps easily accessible. My stamp drawers definitely needed an overhaul.

Originally I had one drawer that was suppose to be my stamping drawer. Here’s the first configuration of my four scrapbook island drawers from April 2009 (see, one lonely stamp drawer! top right)

Over the past two years one drawer grew to two and up until this re-do, that’s pretty much what I’ve been working with.

My two main drawers before (the second and third drawers in my scrapbook island)

I had three metal containers holding my 4x6 acrylic stamps and various plastic containers holding my inks. The bottom drawer pretty much had stuff just in there however it would fit.


I pulled everything out I needed to organize…


I put a few things into my giveaway pile (that pile is out of hand! I really need to do something about it…) and moved a few other things to another section in my island – where things go that I don’t want to get rid of just quite yet but still want them accessible just in case. During my reorganization, I received twelve gorgeous new Stephanie Barnard Premium Dye Inks from Colorbox that I needed to add into the mix and make fit.

My newly organized stamp drawers formed (don’t laugh but I lined all four drawers so nothing slides around anymore – it’s awesome)

Drawer #2

I purchased a photo container from Hobby Lobby (yeah for 50% off!) to be the new home for my 4x6 acrylic stamp sheets… it works perfectly! I can just flip through my stamps like it’s a file folder and access the sheet I want to use. My husband made a wooden box to hold my new inks to specifically fit into the space I wanted them to go (he’s awesome like that!) and I reused one of the metal containers for my acrylic blocks and also kept one plastic container for my chalk inks.


Drawer #3

I used the other two metal drawers for my distress inks and to hold my stamp cleaners. Keeping the cleaners in the container is just convenient because I wanted the container to stay in the drawer so eventually it might be used for something else. I also reused two smaller plastic containers for smaller stamps, my date stamps, and a special address stamp I had made. Everything else is just in there in an orderly fashion.


Drawer #4

I don’t expect to have a drawer #4 forever... that’s my plan right now anyway. I want it to be a temporary thing. I wasn’t ready to move my Stampin’ Up stamps into my purge pile yet so I moved them down to my bottom drawer where I keep my camera, video camera (which isn’t in the drawer for some reason), and all the cables that go with everything.


I actually have a few more stamps and inks but they’re in that special not ready to get rid of them but don’t use them place… better known as the scrapbook island cabinet.

What does the actual scrapbook island look like?

The island consists of one cabinet on the left and the four drawers on the right. This photo is from April 2009 when I originally completed my scrapbook room, a few things have changed but you get the general idea.

Thanks for checking out my newly reorganized stamping drawers. How do you organize yours? I’m always looking for ideas... anything that helps streamline my creative process.

Happy Stamping!


Karen B said...

I call "old photo" on that last one . . . unless you dismantled that heavy IKEA bookshelf that we lugged into your house. Heh. Love your organization process and your handy hubby. I have neither. *sigh*

Maya said...

Looks great!
I have some of my acrylic stamps in 3 ring binders, than I have 2 CTMH boxes that store CTMH and Papertrey Ink stamps. basket for wood stamps, photo box like yours for newer stamps and the newest stamps are in the ink drawer. My inks are in 2 drawers, similar to yours. I guess I have a lot of stamps and I even don;t consider myself a stamper LOL

barb said...

I am organizationally challenged...
I wish I had drawers. Right now I have a floor full of baskets full of stamps, inks, embellies,'s bad. Oh so bad.

Libby said...

Looks good Gretchen. I love the idea of a pile of things you aren't quite ready to get rid of yet - I need one of those :-)