Sunday, May 29, 2011

a smashing story (otherwise known as Karen Burniston is an amazing friend!)

I’ve been scrapbooking a long time and it’s been a while since a product has come out that I’ve had a huge sense of urgency to buy. And then I saw a video for a Smash book

After that, it was all over. I knew it had to be mine. I heard they were at Archiver’s and I was there on Saturday right when they opened ready to push anyone out of my way who might have been in the aisle (joking! joking!). I had a hard time deciding between the Retro and Doodle books so I carried them both in my basket while I loaded up on the majority of accessories they had in stock. I was texting Karen, telling her I wished she was there to help me decide and to rein me in.

[here’s where the smashing story starts… “smashing.” see what I did there?]

my Archiver's basketI took forever at the store. Karen texted me back and asked what I had decided, my reply was that I was still there, debating. I finally decided on Retro and am checking out. I’m chatting with the lady at the check out when another employees comes over, hands me a gift certificate, and says “this is from Karen.” I’m sure a look of confusion was on my face and I let out a barely audible “what?” as I opened the little card. It was a special thank you from her. The girl that took the order said that Karen told her that I should get both because I deserved both. Wow! I was floored!

I swear to you the lady that was checking me out, myself, and the lady behind me in line all got teary eyed. Seriously, that the sweetest thing EVER! Talk about making someone feel extra special! My check out lady actually asked to call Karen because she thought it was so nice.

Karen is pretty awesome. Not only is she an amazing crafter and a genius at designing pop-ups, she’s also an all around genuinely nice person. When she moved here from Colorado – a mere 8 minutes from me – I felt like I was truly blessed. She has become my a true friend, a confident, a sounding board, she inspires me to be better. We have so much in common and have such a good time together, I’m a better person for knowing her. She’s also pretty darn hilarious and I love sarcastic humor so we get along great in that area too! We could take all the crafting out of the equation and I’d still be friends with her. The fact that she’s a crafter and we have that in common too, that’s just icing on the cake!

Needless to say, I got both Smash books plus a ton of extras.

Like I said, Karen is amazing. She’s on twitter if you want to follow her, on Facebook, has cool videos on YouTube, and has an awesome blog. Check her out, tell her I said hi, and soak in some of her creativity.

Karen – thank you for being the kind hearted (and humorously snarky on occasion) person that you are. You rock! (and if friend were flowers, I’d pick you. ha!)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Karen B said...

Awww. Now you're making ME cry! It weren't no thing, you know. You do WAY more for me than I do for you. Plus, I couldn't have survived the move to Texas if it weren't for finding such a dear friend at the other end. Me and you, we're stuck like glue! You'll never rid yourself of me now! Mwaaaaah!

bcre8uv said...

What a great story! Lucky you to have such an awesome friend. Enjoy your new Smash goodies! :)