Monday, February 14, 2011

cute (and quick!) Valentine’s

I had grand plans for the weekend. I was going to make each of my kids a unique to them, detailed, uber-amazing Valentine. Didn’t happen. So today, with time ticking away, I made these cute little Valentine’s for them. I used some paper from my stash and Valentine’s drawer (I like to keep themed papers together), grabbed some of my Fiskars squeeze punches (heart and circle), and wa-la. cute. quick. done.


Here’s a fun fact: the kids wont care that all the cards are the same, as long as the cards are attached to chocolate!

What exactly kept me from making those uber-amazing Valentines?

Here’s one thing… I was helping this cute boy…


make this cute bag to put his school Valentine’s in…


Happy {Heart} Day!

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Anonymous said...

Cute cards...and bag!