Saturday, December 04, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Day 3


When my husband saw my December 3rd page he got a funny grin on his face, shook his head and laughed a bit. He said, “I can’t believe you used a picture of Scrooged but that’s so you!”

It’s one of my favorites, I watch it every year. It’s what I did, why not document it? It’s my album, I’m doing it how I want and that’s what makes it extra special, that’s what makes it me!

Enjoy your weekend!


pam said...

I enjoy visitng others through AE! What a fun topic...just love your page!

Christine said...

Love your Day 3...loved the movie growing up. =)

Kate said...

I love it. It is to record you. Very cute and I love the layout.

Vieve said...

I posted about my favorite holiday movies for day 3 too! I totally forgot about Scrooged, that is a great movie. I love it when the fairy hits him with the toaster oven. So hilarious! Cute page today!