Sunday, November 28, 2010

39: embracing it

39 gscrapbooks

My internet is out. Woke up Thursday morning to no connection what so ever. The phone company is coming out to fix the line tomorrow. I’m “borrowing” from a neighbor… I’m such a rebel.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Friday was a do nothing day. My husband went out in the morning… I happily stayed inside. Saturday we had a birthday in the house – my youngest turned 9. Today, it’s my turn. I wanted to be done having babies by the time I was 30, little man came and the next day I turned 30… mission accomplished.

And now… I’m 39. I’ve been kind of groaning about my birthday this year but I woke up this morning with my annoyingly positive attitude and decided what the heck, I’ll embrace it… because really, what other choice do I have. So, here’s to 39!!!

Happy Sunday! :-)


Maya said...

Happy birthday girl! From last month I am also 39 :) Getting ready to the big four zero next year :)

scrapchick said...

Happy Birthday! You look great, you're talented & it's just a number. :)

Karen B said...

Yeah, it's just a number. Love the photo and Happy Belated Birthday!

Libby said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you Gretchen. Like you I am enjoying my last year in my 30s (mind you I'm nearly half way through it). Here's a great last year before the big 4-0.