Thursday, October 28, 2010

thank you Becky Higgins and Nicole Denae Photography


Back in May, Becky Higgins was doing a really big photography giveaway on her blog, so I signed up. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Who wouldn’t want a free photography session? In June I found out I won a family photo shoot with Nicole Denae Photography. I was thrilled and excited beyond belief (actually I was talking a mile a minute calling my husband saying “oh my gosh! wow! awesomeness!”). We set the date for September and waited. Then life got in the way and I had to reschedule, which Nicki was awesome about. We had our photo shoot on Saturday, October 9th.

Not to sound like a broke record but oh my gosh! wow! awesomeness! comes to mind all over again. Nicki is wonderful, so nice and sweet. My youngest is a handful but she kept us moving right along, was very patient and understanding, and really helped make him feel comfortable. I really appreciated that. These photos were so important to me – we’ve never had professional family photos done since my youngest was born – so her taking time to really talk to my small fry helped a lot.

schmidt-04 schmidt-13web

And how are the photos you ask? Again, I’ll go with oh my gosh! wow! awesomeness! Seriously! I am beyond happy. We have beautiful photos of our family that I am going to cherish forever, decorate my house with, and scrap the heck out of like a mad woman. So yes, I am pretty darn happy with how they turned out (and that’s an understatement!).

A big thanks goes out to Becky Higgins for hosting the big photography giveaway and a huge, gigantic thanks goes out to Nicole Denae Photography for offering up her services as a prize and taking stunning photos. If you are in the Houston and surrounding area’s give Nicole Denae Photography a call, you wont be disappointed.

Smile! :-)


Lisa said...

Those look like fantastic photos - I can understand why you are so thrilled!

I stop by your blog very often but felt compelled to comment today because those really are gorgeous - can't wait to see any scrapping you do with these. You will post them, won't you? Congrats on a über-cool prize!

Maya said...

The only thing that comes to my mind - oh my gosh! wow! awesomeness!
Seriously! The pictures are stunning!

Libby said...

What gorgeous photos. I'd love to have a family photo like this done one day.


Libby said...
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Libby said...
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Anonymous said...

Great family photos! How cool to win that - something that will last forever!

KarenB said...

What a treasure to have these photos! You guys look great!