Thursday, September 09, 2010

scrapbook room: new view

My view looking out from my scrapbook room has never been very exciting. When we first redid the room, painted, and added cabinets it looked like this:

I never really took a lot of pictures of it because it was pretty much just a space for two chairs, an old desk, and a lot of scrapbooks. Here’s another (blurry!) view of it after we added a table we were (and still are!) refinishing:


I wanted a nicer view and most importantly, I wanted those scrapbooks off the floor. What’s a girl to do? Enter and a new Pub Table and Ikea and the Expedit!* This is my new view (and I love it!):


When you come in the front door this is the view you see… definitely a conversation starter. Delivery people always look in and have a funny look on their face (they’re probably thinking what the heck is that green room all about!). My husbands bike does sit out all the time (yes, it is very attractive isn’t it?) but he rides a lot and it’s easier for him to get it in and out of the house from here than the garage… and so it stays.

*My friend, the awesome Karen Burniston, told me about CSNstores.comseriously fantastic site. I’d been searching for a pub table for the longest time not finding what I wanted in the right dimensions and color (I needed it to fit the space and the height and color of chairs we already had)… that site had so many choices it was ridiculous! And the Expedit? I knew I wanted it, it was just a matter of going to Ikea and getting it. We have one that isn’t that far away, it took Karen moving here and me taking her to see Ikea to actually get me motivated to buy it. Now it’s done… finally… and I am happy, happy girl!

What’s on the shelves:


Everything is marked for your viewing pleasure… and there is room for more stuff. yeah! I’m pretty excited that the extra long Sizzix dies and Big Shot fit perfectly on the shelf. All of my 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12 album’s fit great too. Unfortunately the Project Life album is to big for the shelf so it’s sitting on top… I’m going to have to buy a different album for that, bummer.

I got a little picture happy (just a tad excited!)!


KarenB said...

Love the way the room looks, G!

Anonymous said...

So nice! And I'm SO jealous!