Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wordless Wednesday: to the pool



{Susan...Seriously.} said...

omg...i'm so far behind on your blog! love all the new scrappiness. and the new bedding-so pretty!

i love to read, but have been such a slow reader the last few years, when i used to have my nose buried in a book all the time. have you read any of the true blood books? i started the first one a while ago, but put it aside for something else. hope to start over and read the first several in the series soon. (love that show!) my german vamp obsessed neighbor recommended the queen betsy series. she says that they are funny and adult. the titles are something like "undead & unwed", "undead & unemployable". i have NOT read them. but might.

and her and i are going to the midnight show, got tix a couple of weeks ago...and she's trying to convince me to go watch the first 2 prior, but it's already bad enough that it's my daughter's & husband's birthdays. eek!

Carrie said...

hehe, Great summer shot!