Friday, May 07, 2010

what’s up...

I haven’t properly blogged since my laptop died and I was using the upstairs computer… but things are getting back to normal now so here’s a bit of what was up…
  • We got new bedding… I’ve only been searching for a new comforter and sheet set for years now so it’s about time. 
  • On Monday my youngest got a CAT Scan… poor kid has terrible sinus problems and the doctor wants to see just how bad so we can take some action.
  • My laptop is fixed! I got it back yesterday, a day early. I was so excited I almost hugged the FedEx guy.
  • I ordered a new Desktop computer for upstairs. The one that is there now is old and way slow (drove me crazy to use!), I thought the kids and the man might like an upgrade.
  • I’ll be sharing some cards on Sunday. :-)
I’m sure there is more but at the moment that’s all I got... just wanted to pop in and say hi!

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