Friday, February 19, 2010

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I haven’t mentioned how much I love the WeRMemory Keeper page protectors lately so I’ll do it now… love them! They have changed the way I scrapbook!!! I made one main layout for the 4th of July with journaling and then put the rest of the photos from the event into the 4” x 6” horizontal protectors. For me this is ideal because it takes the pressure off of creating pages of layouts from the same event. I can still get creative and still preserve my photos, the best of both worlds. They’ve got some new 4” x 4” sleeves for 12” x 12” that I can’t wait to try! I might have to get the 8-1/2” x 11” ones too since I do both sizes.

Create Scrapbooks
If you haven’t checked out Create Scrapbooks yet I urge you to do so, it’s very cool! They are live shows where you can actually share your projects and ideas via webcam. The shows are at various times so there’s a good time for everyone… days work best for me. I tried it out on the 10th (and I actually shared!) and it was so much fun. Last night (the 18th) they did a show about stamping but I missed it. The nice thing is, even if you can’t attend, you can still watch it later because they archive the shows. I’m not on the archived part of the show from the 10th, they keep it going after the show part is over so people can share (so if you go, watch, and look for me, I’m not there, lol!). Anyway, it’s pretty darn neat so check!

Other Stuff
Blogging… right now my goal is to blog once a week and if I do it more than that, I’ll just consider it a bonus. I’ve got this weird thing I do – I think of blog entries and form them in my head while I’m doing other things (working out, showering, walking the dog, etc). By the time I actually get to the computer to do the actual entry I don’t want to do it again (even though technically I didn’t do it in the first place). I know, it doesn’t make sense (or maybe it does, lol!). Anyway, that’s one of my blogging conundrums!

On this weekend’s agenda: finish January’s Project Life, more Olympics (I’m addicted!), the man comes home today (he’s been gone all week for work), *finish a sewing project, look at new cars, and do a million loads of laundry.

Use Your Stash total: 20 down, 30 to go.
(I’m counting the front and back of the 4” x 6” photo page as one).

Have a wonderful weekend!

*My sewing machine is on its last leg. It sounds like a train. seriously! I got it in the 8th grade for my 14th birthday (so obviously I’ve had it awhile!).


rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Ohhh Gretchen - I wasn't even aware that W R Memorykeepers had those! That would definitely take some pressure off! Thanks for your blog post!

~kelly marie~ said...

Super cute! Love the way you did the title! So cool!

libby said...

Love the layout. I didn't have any of those page protectors when working on a trip album so I just stuck the photos down on a 12x12 page for a similar effect. I have since got some of the protectors though :-).
Missed that episode of Createscrapbooks. I've hardly been online since the Olympics started :-).