Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project Life

Project Life by Becky HigginsI just ordered the Project Life kit by Becky HigginsI am so excited, I couldn’t help myself! I know I wasn’t going to buy any scrapbook supplies until I reached my goal of 50 projects for my Use Your Stash Challenge but I could not pass this up... and I figured it would help me scrap more so it’ll be worth it (I am aware I am totally justify my purchase but whatever, lol!).

I’m really starting to get inspired by so many things around me… I love that feeling when you see a certain something (doesn’t matter what!) and it just makes you feel happy! Those kind of little things put me in a creative mood. I love that feeling! Today I plan on doing something creative – hopefully actually creating – but if not, it’ll be something in the creative department.

Have a spectacular weekend!

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libby said...

My kit arrived yesterday and I've been having fun putting it together. Such a great kit!