Saturday, August 01, 2009

easy kids craft: make a jelly fish

This was not my idea, all the credit goes to my 7 year old. He actually wanted me to make him a big stuffed animal – which would have been fine – but then he started drawing more pictures to turn into stuffed animals I adapted his idea to work with felt.

What you need:

  • A big piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • No Sew Glue (I think Elmer’s glue would work also if you weren’t going to wash the creation)


1. Draw a jelly fish. My son was pretty darned detailed with what he wanted, right down to the colors.

2. Cut shapes out the felt. I eyeballed this, aiming for the basic shape. This is about making something quick and fun that your child creates – and turning it into a physical item – they’ll be excited to have something, they won’t care if it’s perfect or not.

3. Assemble pieces and glue.

4. Cut multiple strips of yarn. Also cut a small strip of felt to glue all the yarn strips onto. Glue away!

5. Once all the yarn is glued onto the felt strip, add glue on the back of your creation towards the bottom and press the strip – yarn side down – onto the bottom of the jelly fish.

6. ta-da! You’re done. Take photo with your child and the jelly fish – and make sure they give you a big, cheesy, fake grin like my kid did.


1. Draw whatever – just do it on a big piece of paper so it’s easier to see the basic shapes.

2. Cut shapes out of felt. Remember, you’re going for basic shapes that are going to get layered so I think free hand cutting will be fine.

3. Assemble pieces and glue.

4. If you’re adding anything that’s going to hang, glue it onto a separate piece of felt and then add it behind the creation (like in step 5 above).

5. Enjoy!

Hope you (and your kids) like it. I have a few more to make... have fun!


Lulu said...

So so cute!! My DS would love one of those!! :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love it!! what a fun idea...though my oldest would be drawing transformers and that would mean like a million little pieces! ha!

Jana said...

What a cool kid!

charli said...

funny-my 9 yo ds always has ideas for me to make stuff for time I'll just turn it over to him!

Tell your son good job! I like it.