Thursday, June 04, 2009

Use Your Stash Challenge

I love a good challenge and this one seems to be right up my alley. The Use Your Stash Challenge, offered up by Lisa Day, is just as simple as it seems... use ONLY stuff that you already have on hand. Lisa also created a Flickr group to share your work. feel free to join in the challenge!

Considering that I just spent a ton of time purging supplies and revamping my room – and I still have a ton to work with – I thought this would be the ideal challenge for me before I start filling up my space with anything new.

My goal
To create 30 layouts using what I have. I'm not including adhesive, that’s kind of a necessity but I won’t be purchasing any unless I actually run out. I’m not giving myself any time frame, that's to much pressure. This is just a fun challenge to motivate myself to get something done and use up my stash.

Thank you to everyone for the compliments about my new scrapbook room. I’m still a bit in awe that the space is actually mine… I feel very lucky!

Happy Thursday!

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