Monday, June 08, 2009

scrapbook room: more photos and details

I just wanted to share a few more photos and some extra details plus answer a few questions that were posted in the comment section of my original entry and emailed to me.

Photos and extra details

I went from six vertical holders for my patterned papers down to two. When I was purging all the papers I realized there was a ton of cardstock mixed in with the patterned papers. After I separated everything and took out the patterns I knew I was going to use, I was left with two holders of patterned paper (and a 3” high stack of papers to get rid of!). The third holder will be used for miscellaneous household papers that have a quick overturn time… papers I need to keep, but not for long, usually relating to one of the kids activities. These use to sit on my desk but I’m trying to keep the clutter compact so I thought the vertical holder would be a great solution.

I got the Making Memories Carousel a while back but decided to wait to use it until my new space was complete. I’ve got to say, it’s freakin’ awesome! love it! I have it sitting on the curve of my workspace close to my desk because I need to be able to reach it while both standing and sitting. I do have some odds and ends in the drawers like adhesive remover block, white erasers, colored staples, edge distresser, etc.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to store my alphas but I knew I wanted them out and accessible so I repurposed a basket and wa-la! To make sure everything stayed upright, I have a second plastic container inside. When it comes to certain products – like anything related to alphabets – if I don’t see them, I won’t use them so it was important to have them out in the open.

I’m lovin’ my little “choose to be happy” sign. The sign originally had an office number in the smaller portion and a company’s name in the larger portion. I printed out what I wanted my new sign to say with my printer, trimmed, and glued and now I’ve got my own signage. It’s one of those items that falls into the it just makes me happy category. I’ve also got a cute little caterpillar made my youngest… it always makes me smile!

Questions and Answers

Where did I get the island?
The island is actually two cabinets that we made into an island. It’s made of a shelf cabinet and one four drawer cabinet. We added extra boards to the back of both to hide the ugly cabinet backs, primed everything, and painted them. My husband then used these cabinet pens to secure them together. He cut the Corian and trim, and assembled everything.

What kind of paint is it?
The paint is from Wal-Mart, it’s their ColorPlace brand. The color is Pear Green (#91284).

What did I do with the discarded supplies?
Nothing yet!
Everything is still sitting in piles actually. There’s a lot of stuff so I’m thinking I might group things together and put them on eBay or just offer up one group at a time for sale on my blog. I might do a few RAK’s. I have no idea! I just know I need to get all the extras out of my hallway, lol! I’m open to suggestions.

Did you have the room custom designed?
All the countertops and cabinets came from an office space. A new company was moving into the space and they didn’t want any of the items left by the previous tenant. My husband happened to know someone who pretty much said, you can have anything you want as long as you can move it out yourself. It totally came down to a right place, right time, who you know type of thing.

As far as the designing, my husband is an engineer, can work an AutoCad program like no one’s business, and is really into wood working so I guess you could say the designing was all him with some input from the client (me!). He called me the client during the entire remodel… funny guy!

Thanks again for all your nice comments. Have a great week!

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