Saturday, March 28, 2009

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

My Creativity For Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Rearranging! I’ve dismantled part of my scrapbook room to give my daughter my wooden shelves for her bedroom. I’m supposed to be getting new cabinets – it’s just taking (much!) longer than planned for them to arrive. When they were to come in, she was to get my shelves. Since it is taking longer than anticipated -and I hate having her wait – I went ahead and gave her the shelves and in the process, I dismantled part of my scrapbook room.

It’s been a task and a half. My room has been reconfigured and today we’re working on her room… and tomorrow too. It’s a bigger job than I thought. That’s okay though because her room is going to look awesome when we’re done.

Have a great weekend!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

can't wait to see pics!

Rhona said...

Hope you're going to show pictures of Kenna's room when you've finished, I could do with some inspiration for my daughter's room!