Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My Creativity For The Day

Today I am organizing and rearranging some of my supplies. This is an ongoing thing… and always will be. After I get my new cabinets, I’ll pretty much have to start over with the organizing but that’s okay… I love to *organize! Everything needs to have a home. When I sort through my scrapbooking supplies, I am reminded of what I have and get inspired by them all over again.

Now if the new cabinets would just get here, I’d be a happy camper (but since they’re free, I must be patient).

back to sorting through embellishments…

*seriously! it’s a compulsion, lol!


libby said...

Have fun!!! I need to sort through my embellishment too - esp. my stickers.


jacqui said...

Happy sorting! When you're done, you can pop on over and do mine too! LOL!!