Saturday, March 21, 2009

deleting photos

My Creativity For The Day

I don’t know how creative you’d consider this but it is productive – I’m deleting photos. I’ve got everything backed up so it’s not like I can’t get to them again if I need to. I’m deleting duplicates, photos that are blurry, heads cut off, fingers in the way, just plain bad, etc. I’m not deleting everything (let’s not get crazy!)just some! I don’t need 20 of the same shot, I can pick 5 or 6 of my favorites and delete the rest. I try to do that at least, some photos I just can’t let go… just drawn to them I guess… expressions, the memory of taking the photo, whatever. My main goal is to reduce the amount of photos I have on my computer just a bit… can’t save them all!

here’s to being productive!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i go through mine, too. but not enough. some that i'm drawn too...i leave and when i see them again, if i feel the need to delete i do...but i still have a lot of "bad ones" and i have EVEN scrapped some of the bad ones, because of the memories, etc. enjoy the rest of your weekend.