Sunday, January 04, 2009


This is my word for 2009, DETERMINED.

I’m determined to:
  • be a better person
  • be strong
  • be patient
  • finish what I start
  • stay on task
  • be healthy
  • be positive
  • think before I speak
  • be productive
  • be more in the moment
Here’s to being determined!

In 2008, my word was FOCUS.  I have to say, I think I did a pretty good job on staying focused. I achieved a major goal I worked very hard at, I breathed in and out a little more and that made life a lot easier, I made some hard decisions and changes... and it’s all good. Of course there are still some things I need to work on, which is probably why they inadvertently got repeated in my determined list.

Here’s a list of words that other’s choice… very inspiring.

Happy 2009!

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libby said...

That's a great word. It can apply to so many aspects of your life.