Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

December has been a busy month for me… I’m sure for most really. Nathan was sick at the beginning of the month, I started Christmas shopping, my daughter had an orchestra performance, Drew has a school party, and throw in a visit to Santa and wa-la… busy! My Christmas shopping is officially done and now I’m in treat making mode. I love to make them… I just wish we could give them all away! On this year’s agenda –

In the scrapbooking department… umm… about that… lol! My desk is covered with glass ornaments that I was bound and determined to make something with but have yet to touch them. that’s about it. I always have good intentions to create this time of year because my mind seems to be overloaded with ideas but since time is an issue, I do my best to write down those ideas because I know once the New Year arrives, I’ll have plenty of time. That “plenty of time” might be wishful thinking but I digress. I feel like I haven’t done anything in so long… I’m just going to enjoy the break and refocus so I can really enjoy scrapbooking and creating once again.

I am already looking forward to February and taking Library of Memories at BPS again. It will be my third time in the class. I am a pretty organized person by nature and my photos are very much in order but I will admit that I am lacking in the tagging department with my digital photos so this time around that will be my focus. If you have never taken this class and need to get your photos organized and a system in place, I highly recommend Library of Memories, Stacy is an incredible teacher. Speaking of Big Picture, I received the sweetest gift from them for Christmas… I can’t tell you how wonderful these ladies are!!!

I wish you all the best this holiday season. See you in 2009!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

November recap

November was a busy month… Drew turned 7 on the 27th, I turned 30 + Drew the very next day, there was Thanksgiving (which was wonderful!), putting up Christmas decorations, and the fun of shopping began. Also, my owl die cut was released for Quickutz and I got the most amazing printer ever. I am sure December will be even busier!

I have not done a darn thing on the creative front and I am perfectly okay with that. I think I’ve been in serious need of a scrapbooking break and to start creating just for me again (as in, not for profit). I’ve stepped back from teaching for Big Picture Scrapbooking and won’t be moving forward with the last class I was working on. I love Big Picture, everyone behind the scenes, and what BPS stands for and they continue to have my full support.

Have a great December everyone!