Friday, November 07, 2008

quick update

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, my sincere apologies. I don’t foresee it getting better with the holidays coming either but I will do my best. I just wanted to offer up a quick update…

On Monday, I have scheduled myself to start a new project now class for BPS. I am happy about this. I am so ready to work on something new and offer up something fresh and exciting! Now that my guest design spots for Paper Posies and Fiskars Crafts are completed and I’ve finished reading Breaking Dawn, my new class will have all my focus!

I’m also counting down to November 17, my Quickutz die release day. It’s been forever since the process started and I can’t wait for everyone to see!

I’ve been on somewhat of a spending freeze… as in, I just haven’t been thinking about buying anything because I already have so much stuff. However, some of the new product coming out is really catching my eye so my list of scrapbooking wants is once again growing.

My wants

Have a great weekend!


Maya said...

Kenna looks so beautiful. Love the dress!

libby said...

Looks like fun times at your home. Your daughter is so grown up now.


Rhona said...

Nice to hear your catch up. Doesn't Kenna look lovely (and so grown up!!). Have fun in the run up to the holidays!

daurenet said...

I so want to see your quickutz. Where will it be posted at? Are you going to post a picture? Or do we have to go to their website?