Thursday, November 20, 2008

Epson Artisan 800

Last week my new Epson Artisan 800 printer arrived, I set it up and started playing with it over the weekend. I think the most complicated thing about the setting up process was deciding where I was going to put it… so the set up wasn’t complicated at all!

I wanted to give a review of the machine because well, it’s awesome. I’ll start with my favorite thing – WiFi! Printing from my laptop without having to hook a cable up is so nice. My next favorite thing – fast photo printing. Actually, I had to laugh at myself because I clicked print, heard it turn on, then looked to watch it print. I waited and waited… and realized the turning it on sound I heard was actually the printing of the photo, I swear it took all of 8 seconds for a 4x6 (if that long!)! The photos are colorful, crisp, and vibrant and I love the fact that you only replace individual ink colors when they run out, not an entire cartridge.

Here are some other cool features (with some added commentary):

  • Print photos without a computer from popular memory card types (this will be nice when family is here, I’ll just be able to take their cards and print!)
  • Restore color to old, faded photos simply and quickly with Auto Photo Correction
  • Turn photos or drawings into personalized coloring book pages (I have no idea why but my 14 year old daughter thinks this is the coolest thing ever!)
  • Create personal notepaper with your photo as the background
  • Easily create and print photo layouts with various size photos on a single sheet of paper (this will be great for projects becaus I am always needed photos in different sizes for mini-books!)
  • Print college-ruled, wide-ruled and graph school paper
  • Print and copy directly onto ink jet printable CDs and DVDs (both my big kids thought this was awesome - it looks really cool!)
  • Full-featured faxing (my husband is thrilled about this feature because now he wont have to take what needs to be faxed to his office!)

Other stuff
Thank you to everyone who commented on my owl! Jacqui asked if I had given him a name and I actually have… I’ve been calling him Hootie! I should be receiving my final die with the packaging next week. I’m excited about this because my name is on the packaging. I knew it would be but it will be nice to see it just the same. Thanks again everyone!

Have a great day and be sure to check out the Epson Artisan 800!


Patti Smith said...

Hi Gretchen, thanks so much for the review of this printer...I'm in need of a printer as mine is an older HP cheapie...I want/need a printer that I can size pictures smaller for different projects.I will certainly look into this...wish you could have been in Nashville with us!!!

Peggy Houston, TX said...

Hey Gretchen - have you checked out the new Picasa 3 - the collage options are much improved!

Cassie said...

Hi Gretchen ~ its been awhile since I've popped over...kinda been crazy busy here.

Hey ~ now that you've used it for awhile, doyou STILL love your printer?

I'm in the market, need a good one in the new studio and havne't quite found what I'm looking for yet.

Thanks so much.