Thursday, August 21, 2008


  • My make-n-take is up for the Big Wig Bash at Big Picture! yeah!
  • The kids start school on Monday so I’ve got a schedule pick up for one, an orchestra activity for another, and a meet the teacher for small fry. busy busy!
  • I’m hoping to get some scrapping done. I’ve actually been scrapping for the last couple of days... I love the feeling you get when you're being productive.
  • I’m looking forward to creating with Sonda’s new sketch for Scarlet Lime. love the design on this one.
  • I'll be be watching more Olympicsthank goodness for the DVR.
  • I’m excited that my 280+ vacation photos from Shutterfly will be arriving today. I even have a plan for them already... amazing, lol!
  • I’m eyeballing the Paper Posies kits… they’re gorgeous.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ScrapScene E-Book: Mini Book Projects

I just finished reading the ScrapScene E-Book: Mini Book Projects and I have to tell you, I am highly impressed! seriously! The amount of content in this book and the sheer number of techniques shared is amazing. There are tons of photos and very detailed directions – I love that! I love when the guesswork gets taken out and you can just have fun creating. It’s going to be really nice to have some many different types of albums referenced in one place. It also covers a variety of closure and binding methods which is very helpful. This E-Book is a welcome addition to my collection, it’s awesome!

Friday, August 08, 2008


The hiatus is over… for the most part… school stuff to deal with still… counting down to the 25th… so things will still be rather sporadic.

In other news… Colorado

We went on vacation. We did the family visits first (which I don’t actually consider a vacation) and then after that we headed to Colorado for some fun and relaxation. Here’s the great part… the kids had no idea! They thought we were heading back home. We were driving and my daughter kept asking why we were going west and why we’re seeing so many Colorado plates and not Oklahoma plates. Once when we stopped to eat she asked me if I thought the place had maps. After we passed the “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign there was no more denying it, lol! They were very surprised and excited!

We went to visit Kevin’s best friend Brian. We met up in Colorado Springs and then headed to Breckinridge. After that we went to Brian’s place in Denver. We had such an awesome time, it was so nice to get away.

Here are the highlights –
  • Royal Gorge Bridge – I’m not that fond of heights so this was huge for me. It really is a beautiful place and massive. I took way to many photos! There was a ton of stuff to do there… site seeing, animals, a little town… way cool!
  • Skycoaster – Everyone but Drew and I did this… it was crazy to watch!
  • Royal Gorge Helitour – I can’t believe we (I!) flew in a helicopter. It wasn’t so bad when the guy was just flying but the helicopter seemed to instantly turn into some freakish roller coaster ride and I immediately thought I was going to die. My stomach was not a happy camper… and with the ride to Breckenridge being so windy… we had to pull over twice. ugh.
  • Breckenridgeoh my gosh! amazing!!! We could see snow on the mountains from where we were staying and the weather was awesome. It’s so hot and humid where we live so to have it be 85 with no humidity in the middle of the afternoon was just crazy… loved it though! In the mornings, it was around 45 degrees. awesome! While in Breckendridge Drew lost a tooth so the Tooth Fairy had to make a special trip to get it… that made it so much more special for him.
  • Grand Timber Lodge – There is nothing like being in a hot tub outside looking at mountains on snow on them. I miss it already. The lodge was beautiful and had tons of amenities, I’d love to go back someday.
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. good food. good times.
  • Shirt and Ernie’s – Because you have to buy a t-shirt (or two… or five, lol!) as a souvenier. loved the name.
  • Country Boy Mine – A fun tour we took of an old mine. It was about 42 degrees inside the mountain.
  • Heritage Square – This place has a huge Alpine Slide and you have to take a ski lift up the mountain to get to it… Kevin and Brian thought Drew would be able to do it by himself so off he went with me behind him on another sled. That boy was going full speed and I actually lost site of him. As I rounded the corner I was not surprised (but terrified non the less) to find him off his plastic sled, standing there screaming and crying bloody murder all covered in grass because he crashed. poor boy. He got a scrape on his arm and by his eye but he was a trooper… he actually finished the course with me and then did it a second time with Daddy.
  • Downtown Denver – Brian lives downtown and has the most amazing view. You can see Coors Field from his balcony. so very cool. While in Denver we did some basic site seeing, hung out, and played a lot of Wii. We all loved the Wii… hopefully Santa will bring one and a million accessories and games for Christmas. We also got to see my younger brother (he goes to Colorado Christian). I was definitely happy about that because I hadn’t seen him in forever. It was a short visit but nice.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and going to Colorado again (hadn’t been since I was little) meant a lot to me. I would LOVE to live there.

Okay, that’s it for now. Like I said, things will be sporadic… later!