Wednesday, May 07, 2008

28 Days: registration ends today

I just wanted to give a quick update and say that the registration for 28 Days ends today. So if you would like to join in, head on over to BPS and sign up. Hope to see you in class!

other (random!) stuff
I got nada done yesterday… My husband ended up staying home from work (sick!) and it threw my entire day. He’s better today thankfully! Tonight is my daughters last concert for The Houston Youth Symphony. We are so very proud of her! I blew through Twilight last week, loved it. It was a tad addicting really, I had a hard time putting it down. I’m counting down to the end of school (as well as the kids!). Normally I don’t look forward to school getting out but this year is different – maybe it’s all the camps I signed the big kids up for! lol! Now I just need to figure out a way to keep my very busy 6 year old occupied.

That’s pretty much it! Today I need to do all the stuff that didn’t get done yesterday… can you say laundry, laundry, laundry! it’s never ending…

Here’s to a very productive Wednesday!


KhrisW said...

I'm looking forward to your class.... That starts today!

Wendy in MD said...

I missed signups for your class. Bummer.

I loved Twilight, too! Are you reading it for a book club?