Thursday, May 15, 2008

28 Days - Photo Day 8

Water, water, water! I drink two of these big `ol bottles a day!

Other stuff
I’m planning on going to Drew’s school later for the book fair… apparently he’s very excited about an Iron Man and Pokémon book. I’ve got my May Scarlet Lime kit spread out on my table and I’m hoping to create something today… love this kit! Here’s something fun, I’ve got a layout in the newest Scarlet Lime Newsletter... that was fun to see! :-) Everything is in full swing for Nathan’s slumber party tomorrow with more to do… 8 boys! I know they’ll all have an awesome time… should be crazy and loud!

28 Days stuff
Today is officially the start of week 2 of 28 Days and that means there is now an audio file available for enrolled students. Just click on the "audio" link at the top of the classroom at BPS and it will take you right to the files.

I leave you with this… never watch Love Actually while on an elliptical machine because you might start laughing so hard that you might lose your balance and look like a complete idiot while trying to hang on for dear life… not that this happened to me or anything, lol!


Kim said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I saw "Katy, TX" on my traffic feed list and thought, "Who do I know from TX?" LOL! Even though I'm not completely caught up, I am really enjoying this class. Thanks for doing it! I have a crop at church tonight, and plan to get some work done! :)

May said...

oh Gretchen!!! I started watching it (for the first time) and realized QUICKLY that I needed to turn it OFF until wee ones were asleep. EEK! LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie though.

have a great weekend!

Sonda T said...

good girl! Water is awesome!