Thursday, May 29, 2008

28 Days - Photo Day 22

It might sounds silly, but it thrills me to know end that in our new house, I can close the doors and hide the laundry and everything associated with it! In our old house, the laundry area (it wasn’t even big enough to be a room… the washer and dryer were actually across from each other!) was right off the kitchen and it made me crazy that you could see everything. not anymore! Our laundry room is upstairs next to the master bedroom. Laundry is still a constant (never-ending!) chore but at least now, I can close the doors and not have a constant reminder of it.

Happy Thursday!

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Sonda T said...

you have a wash/dry INSIDE your house? OMG you lucky lucky girl. i cannot wait for that someday (soon). oh how wonderful that must be!