Tuesday, May 27, 2008

28 Days - Photo Day 20

As soon as the kids were all gone this morning for school, I took this photo. I cleaned up on Sunday because the clutter was driving me crazy (and because my daughter was having two friends spend the night!) so it isn’t in to bad of a state right now. You can see the bookshelf from IKEA waiting to be assembled… next on the list of things to buy, a new TV stand! Kevin’s pillow, he moved to the couch because he wasn’t sleeping well… poor guy. Drew’s color box and papers (he says he's making a homemade coloring book!) and a toy snake with a toilet paper roll around its neck (not sure what’s up with that!). and that’s our living room!

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Sonda T said...

oh see...and here i thought you covered the brick with paper to keep it clean during the summer months. bwaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa Can't wait to see that IKEA bookshelf. I love that store!