Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a quick birthday card

Sunday was my husband’s birthday and I had one of those lovely, oh crap I forgot to make a card moments! I made the cake, wrapped the gifts, but nope! no card! Not a good feeling to have on the actual day. In 10 minutes I whipped out this cute little card!

In other news
The kids went back to school today – there is much rejoicing in the land (can you hear the crowds cheering?). I got something BIG accomplished since the house was nice and quiet, that is such an awesome feeling! And now, I’m free to work on the thank you’s I need to send out from Christmas.

Happy Tuesday!


Rhona said...

That card is really cute - love quick cards! My kids went back to school yesterday after being sick the first day they were due back! It's good to be getting "back to normal" as far as I can at the moment!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

cute card!! something BIG, huh...can't wait to see what it is...;0)

Lisa said...

Something "BIG"? I hope that means a new Big Picture class. I'm missing your class from last February!