Thursday, January 10, 2008

my updated scrapbook room

I was starting to feel like my things were more stored than organized (because there is a difference!), so I moved some of my main pieces around, added a new shelf and wa-la! I am much happier with how the set up is… I feel like there is a much better flow and I am really enjoying it! The basic pieces moved but not much of the organization itself changed. If I did change something, I will try to mention it below.

I previously had a ton of stuff in the nook on the left but it was just to compact for me. I like that it is so much more open now.

Everything is so much easier to get too. It is easier for me to access my papers now – always a plus! My notebooks and albums are easier to get to now also, before they kept falling over and it was a pain.

I had much punches in a few different places before and I wasn’t really using any of them so I went through and picked the ones that I felt like I really used and put them in an easily accessible drawer that was previously for miscellaneous things. I can’t (won’t!) use them if they are a pain to get to so having them close by makes a lot more sense.
For Christmas, I got the three drawer shelf unit on the right. I moved my file cabinet for 8.5x11 papers and stacked the new shelving unit underneath the four drawer one I already had. The three drawer shelf now holds paper scraps, alphabets from stickers and rub-ons, and stickers and rub-ons. Previously the stickers and rub-ons (alpha’s and regular) were in two different places and were not convenient to get to.

My white shelves are used for things I do not need to access a lot like adhesives refills, felt, and things to give away. I also created a drawer just for Christmas related papers and embellishments and plan on making one for Halloween. When I do go to create something in one of those themed categories, I feel like I waste a lot of time searching through my stuff to find anything related to it. Grouping them together should be a time saver. I just noticed - the G… it’s suppose to be on top of the shelf not on the candle! My youngest is constantly moving it to the top of the candle; he says it “goes there!” it doesn’t! lol!

Just for fun – my view out! Before it was a mess but we did get everything unpacked and put away. Now my view out is an almost empty room. My husband wants to put a pool table there! That will definitely fill up the space.

and this I my newly organized and updated scrapbook room! The previous set up can be found here.

Have a great Thursday! focus! focus! focus!


sue said...

I am so jealous of your space! It's beautiful and I love the floors. I vote for a couple of LazyBoy recliners instead of a pool table!
Are you taking Wendy's class? I recognized your comment about there being a difference between storing and organizing!
Happy Weekend!
Sue in Alexandria VA

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i like this so much better!!! it does seem to have a better flow...i'd say no on the pool table and allow for future scrapbooking expansion;0) i nice chaise will hold the space for now.

Kim Hughes said...

omgossssh, I love your scrap space Gretchen. It's so airy and fresh.

Crafts and Gift Guru Gal said...

Me too, Im jealous, my scrap/crafts room is like half the size and half as nice. Love the view too!

Janna said...

Wow have a fab space!! So tidy and neat and LARGE! Lucky girl! jw

Anonymous said...

Nice big room, Gretchen! I used to use my dining room as a scrap room until I moved. I still have my own, which I'll post pics later, but did have to comment on how beautiful and clean it is! Lots of space--just love it!