Friday, December 07, 2007

gotta love excellent customer service

I had emailed with a question about my order – I realized I had made a small mistake and wanted to see if I could have it fixed if the stamp hadn’t been created yet. A nice woman called me a little while later and said my stamp had been made and sent but they would be happy to send me a new stamp, with the correction, free of charge! About 5 minutes later the phone rang, it was the woman from again. She said she went to put in my new order with the typesetters and they told her they had already caught my mistake and fixed it so the one that was sent to me would be exactly how I wanted it. so awesome! gotta love excellent customer service!

My stamp came today and I *love* it!!! I think I have stamped all over every loose piece of paper in my reach! My kids think I’m dorking out! I am… a bit… but that’s okay because it is really cute!!! :-)

Have a great weekend!

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