Sunday, September 09, 2007

Daily Dose - Photo Day 9

Our new backyard is bigger and more landscaped than our old one, I love it! The people who lived here previously even built a nice little covered patio! That big thing that is leaning to the right of the patio is our picnic table... it obviously still needs to be assembled. You can see a nice little chunk of siding missing from the back of the house too. We had to take care of a plumbling problem and the siding guy can't come until Wedneday. Lovely view of the insulation though, lol! I'm digging the purple window too! It looks like they put some film on it to help block the sun... I love my lime green color but purple is pretty high up on my list of favorites still (go K-State!).

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Rhona said...

Your back yards looks like a great place to hang out - I just hope you get some time to enjoy it before winter sets in!